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    Quote Originally Posted by KidPaddle View Post
    Thanks for testing with wine and response. Are your orbiting endless?
    No, I'm not. I finally fall to "ground" again after some travelling, most times near the place where I jumped from, so it's not actually an orbit but a travel around objects without touching them (i.e. Jules Verne's "Around the Moon" novel).

    Quote Originally Posted by KidPaddle View Post
    And where happens this?
    In some places when I jump after a run, specially when running in a "squared" shape. Actually it adds some challenge. In some puzzles I've used this to do longer jumps. I think you shouldn't change this, it's funny.
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    Something similar happened to me but instead of orbiting round one object I managed to make an 8 figure around two object before I fall down. And yes it was realy funny.

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    Hey cool game. You could adapt this to the competition if you were to add that travel element and maybe mix up the "look/feel" of each location where the gameplay takes place. Not to just try to force games into the competition for the sake of numbers, but the more games that get submitted, the nicer the end result is for everyone.

    And even after the competition, don't give up on new game projects. Keep on creating, it's worth it! Try new game mechanics and ideas. That's the whole fun on making games after all.
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    Cool and addictive game, good job!

    Runs fine in Windows XP, didn't tried it to Windows 7 ....

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