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Thread: Little ASCII 1 & 2 player snake game

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    Little ASCII 1 & 2 player snake game

    I started this as "revision" for an A level exam I've got in a month and it's become more of a fun little project rather than revision. I started it in turbo-pascal, then switched to an old Free Pascal version (early 2009), and then recently upgraded to using the lates FPC 2.6 and notepad++ rather than the standard IDE. The game has a singleplayer mode with high scores list, two player on one computer (without high scores), and options for customizing the snakes.

    I saw a bunch of people had said it was impossible to use notepad++ to effectively write and compile in, but with the NppExec script below It's been working wonderfully.
    fpc $(NAME_PART).pas
    Because of all the switching and my relative inexperience in programming, and the fact that I've been completely making it up as I go along, the code is a bit (very) messy, but it would be nice if people had a look at it and helped me with anything I'm doing drastically wrong or that could be done in a much simpler way I'd also be interested in hearing some high scores for those who try out the game!


    Download: Game - Source Code

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    Nice work mate
    I will take a look ASAP...


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