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Thread: [Unit] SDL_PasUtils

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    [Unit] SDL_PasUtils

    Breaking from a period of intense laziness (I haven't touched my projects for like two months), I was looking for something interesting to do. On FPC dev site I saw that an "SDL graph" unit was listed on the to-do list. "SDL graph" is mostly done by SDL_gfx, I think, so I decided to do something else.

    SDL_PasUtils unit contains some simple routines to ease the task of programming with SDL and make entry easier for novices. As for now, there isn't much - only some SDL-types-related, image loading, transparency setting and text rendering routines, but I'll most probably be improving this with time.

    Can be downloaded from:
    Right now does not contain a documentation, but that is in the making and will be fixed in a future release.

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    i downloaded from the link and hanks for the same.


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