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Thread: Our new game released: TombClimber II (by Magic Storm)

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    Our new game released: TombClimber II (by Magic Storm)


    a few might still know us we are a group of hobby game developers (currently two only, me coding and Oliver for GFX and music).
    We develop games with Delphi for a few years now, that's our hobby. We are proud to present our latest game "TombClimber II" deveoped with Delphi 2010 and Gen2.

    TombClimber II is finished and can be downloaded and played as Shareware including 5 playable Levels, and the full version can be purchased including 40 levels in 8 different environments

    Link to TombClimber II Homepage:[game]=14&E[lang]=1

    Direct Link to the Shareware Version to play:

    Have Fun! Comments welcome. Also hints welcome how to spread the word or maybe purchase some versions,
    we had bought some stuff like Delphi and some 3D Tools, it would be really nice to sell some copies.:-)
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    I haven't treid your game yet (already have too many games to play which results in to litle time do do any programming) but based from the screenshots it looks quite good.

    As for promotion I belive the easiest way would be to record some gameplay videos and post them on youtube. Another approach might be seding a few copies to varios gaming magazines and sites so that they can review your game. If you do decide to do this I suggest that you first send your game to some smaller probably local gaming comunity since poor review can be quite bad for promotion. ANd if you might get poor review you will atlest know what you need to improve.
    And only if you see that they have given you good enough reviews you go and send copies of your game to bigger and more known gaming sites and magazines.
    Actually I think that gaming sites might be best way of promoting your game if it is good enough to not get poor reviews as it would usually cost you just a few free copies that you give away to theese sites so they can test your game. And getting good reviews at theese sites can convince quite a lot of pepole in actually buying your game.

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    Hey Eric, nice work!

    I was hoping to see Tomb Climber II released. So glad that you guys were able to complete it.

    As for promotion, you know that this is the place to start. But like I always ask, those that post on PGD; why not some updated screenshots in forums like these and on social networks like Twitter(I have a twitter account so link up with me and I'll retweet your announcements!), Facebook and such. Also don't forget to make sure your showcase for your game is current an up to date with POST release screenshots too!

    And you definitely want to have a video of the gameplay, maybe even a second video to act as a trailor for the game as well. Post these on forums and send them to indie game review sites like and Bytten and the like...

    Heck if you have the cash why not send the game to the IGF as well? Just making nominations or being played is a few extra eyes and mouths that will see and tell of your game.
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    Hello you tow :-)

    Thanks a lot for taht hints. I will make a minor update soon, then sent the game to bytten and promote it on shareware sites.

    I don't have a facebook or twitter account (yet?) since I am not a fan of social networks and their politics, but I am thinking of create some maybe?

    I anybody or you has, please feel free to link or promote our stuff, if anybody likes to do so :-)

    Game homepage:[game]=14&E[lang]=1

    Download link:



    Thanks a lot and have a nice new year! :-)

    More hints and comments on the game are very welccome :-)

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    Congrats on the Tomb Climber II release Firlefanz!

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    I cannot download the game:
    You don't have permission to access /download/setup_tombshare2.exe on this server.

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    Please try again.

    According to our provider, we had a hacker problem yesterday so our homepage was locked (very strange)

    Now everything should be working again. :-)

    Thanks for your interest, comments welcome ;-)


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