Hey everyone! Despite the fact that I run PGD, I too still need good solid developer-to-developer advice every once in a while. This time it's about gaming networks on Windows.

I've only removed myself from the M$ equation for less than a couple of years now, but so much has changed. What are the BEST gamer store/community/networks out there?

Here are the ones I currently know of:
  • Steam
  • Desura
  • Indivania

Am I missing any other major ones? I want my big commercial game project to take off in a big way so I'll need to know about the top ones so I can target them for launch when the time comes.

I'm planning on releasing the game for Mac as well, but the choices are pretty obvious there. Mac App Store and Steam. Desura is working on a Mac client though.

It's unlikely that I'll get the game on Android too soon after it's initial release for PC, but I'll be sure to target both the Google Play and new OUYA game console if and when I do.

Also since we are talking about these networks and developing games for them. How compatable are each of them with each other for developer's features and tools? Desura is offering lots of great features, but I don't know much about what Steam is offering in the way of the developer side. Though I could guess, I'm asking you guys if you happen to know.

And before you ask, no I'm not going to target the major gaming consoles, nor am I going to seek out a big publisher like Big Fish. I don't want them taking my IP or butchering my game.