Hey folks!

Sorry it seems like I've been away a lot lately. I have been quite busy with some of my more serious than ever projects and my family is growing by 1 very soon. (It'll be a girl! )

You all know that I like to stick my nose in all those places that it may or may not belong (you choose, I obviously don't care You read the "sticking nose" part right?) such as talking up and the FPC dev team including Florian himself, nagging Delphi poster guy David I. or talking with "top men" at RemObjects for reasons of getting you guys some free stuff, pushing dev tools towards our interests or trying to get new platforms officially supported. Thanks again Francesco!

Well what would help really juice the community here? More moderators, more connections with social mediums such as Facebook & Twitter? Continuous news posting? (What if we hired a guy or paid you somehow for your news posting?)

Would more community ran projects help?

Would another PGD Challenge compo do the trick? (Sorry we were late on publishing results. They will be up very, very soon!)

What if we had some kind of special service that you can easily adapt to your games that would help provide a game center-like presence for high scores and award systems? (It would be named something cool and not be overly patriotic about all things "Pascal". But it would be made with Pascal game dev first in mind.)

What if we struck a deal with a major player in the Pascal dev tool industry to start doing something great for game developers?

Would new console development that actually has a chance of happening make a difference? Who doesn't want their games on theirs and other's TV screen with gamepad-like play? Are you excited about the OUYA?

Tell us what you think and what would make you excited about this community!