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  • Nothing at all. Too busy.

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  • None, just game engines or tools.

    3 9.09%
  • I make simple free stuff for fun.

    6 18.18%
  • I'm working on a commercial project and can talk about it much. (NDA, etc)

    4 12.12%
  • I'm working on my own creator-owned project.

    12 36.36%
  • I have a lot of prototypes/ideas, but I don't really have any concrete plans.

    7 21.21%
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Thread: Who is writing a game?

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    Question Who is writing a game?

    Well lets have it. Are you working on a game or a game project?

    Lets hear about it.

    I'm currently working on my revamp of Garland's Quest which wil be a Windows, Mac OS X release. I'll later push it to Linux, iOS and Android when I can.
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    I'm currently working on getting libgdx up and running in Oxygene for Java so I can make/port games to Desktop + Android without too much hassle
    Then I will port over "Vectored!" and "The Probe" to Android...

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    Being on a summer vacation and not really having any duties, I find it hard to motivate myself into doing anything. I have like three or four projects started somewhere along the way, but I'm rarely able to force myself to actually work on them. I hope that when the academic year starts, I'll get more organised.

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    Simple free stuff, for fun. I have a lot of ideas without concrete plans, and some of them are even started. But well... nobody is actually helping with them, or expecting any release, so i can aswell spend time for playing games too.

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    I'm still working on my android game, perhaps I'll complete it sometime in 2099 Lately, I've been trying to get more free time and will to work on the game and my engine.
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    I am working on a simple Chain Rxn clone called "Bubble Chain".
    Here's a screenshot of the Haiku port. (Seems I am the only one using FPC on Haiku for making games?) The final result will work on Linux32/64, Windows, MacOS X and Haiku (as usual). Oh, btw, this is a "real" Pascal game, no Lua coding involved ...


    And a small video of a very early version (startscreen, menus and sound are now implemented):

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    Pulsar2D framework:

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    Games, lots of games! =)

    Sultan's Labyrinth - A Royal Sacrifice was already released for MAC and iOS port is about to be released!
    Clairvoyant - The Magician Mistery was already released for PC/MAC and iOS port is my Next Work!
    A new Match3 game and a New Solitairie (I can't give much details yet) are almost ready and will be soon released for Windows/Mac and iOS. Just a hint, this Dragon will be part of one of these!

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    Well, I'm still working on "Phase 2" of Projekt Weltherrscher, but for a project that complex (and the fact that I only have the weekends and evenings to code) I'm pretty happy with progress, especially lately. And yes, a beta release is nearing

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    im currently working on my bachelor exam and have done a small game for it, i will release it soon
    on the other hand after my exam i plan to finish some games wich are actually only prototypes (tons of them) or fully written game design documents

    EDIT: oh i forgot, i have two projects that really need to be done and both will be commercial
    but no promises until one is done
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    I'm having problems geting myself to do any programing lately (lack of motivation) so I spent more time playing games than making them.
    Anywhay currently I have three projects planed.
    1. My game Life among the stars from 2nd PGD challenge - currently on hold (I still need to make decen GUIO for it)
    2. I'm creating my own VCL-like GUI library. If I manage to do it the way I have imagined, it would be posible to use this library with any Graphic Engine capable of working with vertex graphics and probably even with other programing languages. My poor knowledge on this area is giving me some hard time at the moment.
    3. I'm also planning to create my own program for creating graphics. I have idea for this for quite some time now but have decided to move it from idea to reality when I haven't managed to find suitable program for creating graphics for my game. So I folow the old saying: If you cant find suitable tool for yourself, go ahead and make one. This project is also on hold since I'm planing to use Game graphical engine (probably Asphyre Sphinx 2) for renderning whole form and all controls on it. I hope that in the future this will alow me to port this graphich creator program to other platforms aswel. And before I can continue working on this I need to finish my VCL like library.
    So in the end my VCL-like library has top priority at the moment.

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