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First of all - path like /Develop/Asphyre... are you serious? GNU/Linux is not a MacOS X Better to use relative paths, or ask programmers to move Asphyre source code into home directory and use paths like $Env(HOME)/Asphyre, where is $Env(HOME) is a standard macros supported by Lazarus.
Regarding that specific path: it's just a path, which you can always change. There is also no pleasing everyone as one way or another people will have to change paths to accommodate for their environment. If you use relative paths, and then move example application to a different folder, the parental structure will change and path won't work. If you set for home folder, and move application to somewhere else, the path won't work.

Therefore, "/Develop/Asphyre" was chosen as a supposedly intuitive illustration referring to Asphyre installation path, which most likely will be changed. Besides, if you use "Basic" as a startup sheet, you'll most likely put it anywhere you like, so you may end up using absolute paths after all.

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Also I didn't notice dependency to LazOpenGLContext package(adding it manually solves the problem), which is needed for compilation.
Your code worked and native Linux provider is now complete! Therefore, I'm going to ditch LGLProvider and dependency on Lazarus TOpenGLContext. It looks like an update to Asphyre Sphinx 3 will follow soon.