This is another semi-major release Asphyre Sphinx 3.0.3, which now supports FireMonkey v2 in Delphi XE 3. It also includes a rewritten timer component that properly displays high FPS values (e.g. 5000 FPS and higher) in FreePascal/Lazarus, along with some other minor bug-fixes.

Please note that FireMonkey v1 in Delphi XE 2 is not going to be supported anymore to reduce maintenance costs. If you need to use FireMonkey v1 to target Mac OS X, you can either keep using Asphyre Sphinx 2.x branch (which is now deprecated), or use Asphyre Sphinx 3.x in FreePascal/Lazarus, which targets Mac OS X natively.

Also, on Windows platform if you use FireMonkey v2, only Direct3D 9 provider is used and enforced. If you want to use DirectX 10 or 11 on Windows, you will have to use Asphyre Sphinx 3.x natively in Delphi/VCL. You can also use DirectX 11 natively in FreePascal/Lazarus.