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    First test of the new yet slightly buggy light-pre-pass (a ka deferred lighting) render implementation including deferred shadowing. The GBuffer layout is at the moment:

    RT0 (RGBA: r=normal-spheremap-x g=normal-spheremap-y ba=specularpower (the normal is stored in a spheremap transformed format, so normal-z can and will be reconstructed correctly from this transformatiion again, and the specular power is stored as a 16-bit (8.8bit) fixed point value)
    RT1 (R32F): linear depth (for viewspace&worldspace position reconstruction later in other shaders)

    Light prepass rendering is a really good and mostly easy to implement extension for a already modular and object oriented forward rendering render implementation, for to have the most benefits of the good known deferred shading idea as well, without the whole transparency problems of a plain deferred shading render.

    And the shown maps in this video are reflux and rebound from QuakeLive.

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    i think my lame gbuffer implementation uses 3 or 4 textures
    btw packing stuff into less textures boosts fps or only saves up memory?
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    Quote Originally Posted by laggyluk View Post
    btw packing stuff into less textures boosts fps or only saves up memory?
    Both, but the performance improvements depends on the graphic card and is different from graphic card to graphic card.

    More important is the pixel format of these GBuffer render-to-texture FBO textures for older graphic cards without good&fast support for floating point textures.

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