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Thread: Dazed and Confused

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    Dazed and Confused

    I am on the hunt for a way to create a google earth/earth3d globe in my game.
    During my search I found this forum, but I find it confusing.
    First, is this forum for the engine final3d or for a3d?
    When I googled final3d I found this page... and a nice youtube... but I do not see any instructions on how to install, utilize, or access the engine.
    I realize I am not a programmer and not privy to the secret knowledge but I would appreciate if some one could shed some light.

    Oh I want to crawl under a rock.
    My apologizes. I was googling Final3d trying to get some more knowledge when I saw a entry for the forum and as I was reading it I saw the parenthesis about Final3D being A3D so I jump back here and there it is plain as day. I guess I need to get my eyes fixed. Now on to figuring out Final3D so I can build my game space.

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