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Thread: We should advertise some more

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    We should advertise some more

    I think we should do some more advertising both on gamedev-related sites and on pascal-programming ones like or Lazarus' site.

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    I'm planning to join to the Game Developers Refuge. I think it's a great game developers community. Unfortunately, I'm not in the mood but I'm working on it. I hope I'm in the business soon because I have to start a job September 1st.
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    I'm keeping the PGD site on top of Google results (except from my home computer I always visit PGD by first searcinh it on Google and then folowing the serch result link)

    The best way for advertizing PGD is by making great games and showing all of those who say that you can't make good game with objective pascal that they are wrong.
    Another good way is to make useful game development tutorials.
    I have some of theese somewhere on my To-Do list but can't find them right now. WAAAAAAY to much stuff on my To-Do list

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    Well, original (DOS one) Jazz Jackrabbit was written in Turbo Pascal, so...

    Anyway while making good games is good choice, we should also market site itself. I've spoke with few pascal programmers interested in game making and they didn't have a clue about this site.

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    So how do you propose we do that?

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    I think posting informations about this site on gamedev/programming sites would be good start.

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    By all means do post information about PGD on other gaming sites.
    But don't be surprised if you manage to start a flame war about Objective Pascal not being fit for games. And until we have some nice game to show you will lose that flame war.
    Wel we do have Projekt-W to show that you can make good games woth Objective Pascal. So you might atleast have som chances in winning the flame war.

    I know I probably sound quite pesimistic about this but the reason for this is that in the past I lost a few flame wars which got started after me trying to advertize PGD site.

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    If you are going to start another f-war, you can remind haters that original Jazz Jackrabbit (DOS one) was written in Turbo Pascal (here's proof, sadly it is only Netherland wikipedia, on english one there's nothing about it), which as you know is Object Pascal's grandfather.

    //edit: Also RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 were written in Delphi. You can tell this by inspecting their exe files with Resource Hacker. Those files have DFM forms which are characteristic of delphi apps. RMXP and newer were made with C++, but you don't have to tell them . Dunno about older RPG Makers, like 95 though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkhog View Post
    If you are going to start another f-war, you can remind haters that original Jazz Jackrabbit (DOS one) was written in Turbo Pascal
    ... and give them another reason to claim that Pascal is old and obsolete programin language. No thanks I'm smarter than that.
    Yes a lot of older games were actually made with pascal but peple don't care to much for older games but for new ones instead.

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    Well, if commercial successful games (and classics, like JJ) and game making programs can be made with pascal/delphi, that says something.

    What does it say, you ask? That it is possible to make game that works, doesn't lag and can be successful commercially. The only reason Pascal is being unpopular is... because Pascal is being unpopular. We need to convince more people to convert to Pascal.

    Also after releasing Super Heli Land, I plan to work on full-fledged commercial indie platformer for which I have interesting marketing plan. I won't tell people it is being made using Pascal at first, I'll do that once it gets popular.

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