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Thread: Use PGD forums to support Allegro.pas

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    Question Use PGD forums to support Allegro.pas


    Since SourceForge will close support for some applications for projects (including phpBB) I'll tell to Allegro.pas users to use PGD forums. We're very few (3 or 4 users, including myself) so we will not made a lot of noise.

    Is there any problem? Note that I'm not asking for a sub-forum yet.
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    The forum was a bit slow. Since I am already memeber here ...
    Waiting for the Allegro.pas 5 and 64bit. *Cough*
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    Good news for you: Allegro.pas 4.4.4 (that adds support for 64bit and fixes bugs and adds new functions) is almost finished. I'm checking documentation and examples, so I should release it this week.
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    I don't see the reason why sou should be using PGD forums for Alegro.pas discusions. Even if you would have hundreds of pepole using it I asume that all of them would be pascal game developers so they definitly fit in our forum.

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    I have to say, I concur
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    Why they are closing support? Sourceforge I have always thought they are idiots, if you need some web-hosting for Allegro, I will set you up some free space, just let me know.
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