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Thread: pascal and learning 3d

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    pascal and learning 3d

    Hi guys. I'd like to make a 3D game in Lazarus. I don't know opengl yet but that's one of reasons for making it 3d. It's a voxel based game so I recon I don't need sophisticated 3d engine, just some painless access to opengl surface and I'll figure out how to build and draw those meshes.
    Now, is lazarus any good for this? I'd really like to use pascal for this project but after some searching I've found that most resources are for old 2.1 opengl/ in russian/ won't compile
    Should forget my pascal sympathy and just get back to c++ or is there some working solution that I've missed?

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    Hi Laggyluk,
    For learning opengl, I suggest you to take a look into excellent tutorials by NeHe (you can find source files there).
    For an updated opengl header file, go to

    EDIT: NeHe has examples in many languajes, pascal is one of them, the dglOpenGL header is ready for delphi and freepascal.
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    here and here you will find some more modern info. it is what I am using to figure things out.

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    thanks I'll check it out

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    OpenGL is in a strange situation now. You really should learn OpenGL 3.2+ today, not OpenGL 1/2. If you do use OpenGL 2, go for VAOs/VBOs and shaders instead of fixed pipeline.

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    yeah, I'm after 3.2+ just had problem finding a basic example for pascal. And I didn't, even among those links but managed to craft it from old pascal opengl 2.1 and new 3.2 c++ tutorial.
    btw in c++ stack (or vector? the one with .push() and pop() is used for keeping and traversing matrices hierarchy in a convenient way. There's no vector class in delphi/pascal so what you guys are using instead?


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