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Thread: Ludum Dare 25

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    Ludum Dare 25

    I am back after a long break from making games. Next weekend is ludum dare, and I plan to compete again. Anyone else in?

    Also, having been out of the loop for this amount of time I wonder if there is anything new out in frameworks or engines?
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    Working hard in the next Allegro.pas. I want to release it before next PGD challenge and the new demo engine/editor (one of the much improvements) it's taking more time I spected.
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    Hell yeah, dare completed! The closer to the end, the more could I feel the time pressing - but somehow, I made it. I am happy and kinda proud, but I can't stop feeling a bit silly when I think that this is the first complete game I have released in almost three years.

    Based on Hero Core, Colorful is a game where the player moves freely (no gravity et cetera) around a 2D environment, fighting multiple enemies and trying to locate colour artifacts. The goal of the game is to deliver eight colours to the hero's love.

    Ludum Dare entry: Here (Vote plox?)
    Direct download: Win32 Linux .pas

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    hey good job, i will play it later today

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    Well, as usual I end up with some working tech, but no gameplay..

    Next time I'll surely have learnt the lesson
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    Hey very cool. You should record a small video of the gameplay if you can so we can all see it in action. Anyone else finish a game for the Ludum Dare?

    Congrats on completing a game project Super Vegeta. Don't worry though it's been years since I've completed a game project. I dare say almost since highschool. lol (Darn content and other factors!)

    Well keep at it folks. Practice until the next "Challenge."
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