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Thread: Where do you go to find new indie/casual games?

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    First of all, what is WoM?

    Secondly, I have subscribed to a number of youtube channels that discuss (often indie) games. I like to learn about as much different and fun game concepts as possible. Recently, I learned about FTL and after seeing a couple of youtube video's I was completely hooked. I will buy that game very soon (after finishing some important work for my studies, as some sort of reward).

    After seeing FTL, I was actually very much inspired by the idea (Just as I (and a lot of others) were inspired by minecraft). When it comes to gamedev, I feel that I should start a new project someday. If I were to make an indie game, I would probably make something that is beyond the beginners level of game development (no simple puzzle, sidescroller or RPG). Next, I would look for some kind of element that sets my game apart from the rest. I don't want to remake something, but rather try out something new. That's why I keep looking around for good sources of games and concepts. Anyone got some good youtube channels?
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    WoM is Word of Mouth.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to back FTL when it was on Kickstarter. Great game made by two talented developers who came from the gaming industry to start doing their own thing. In my opinion what they did was very much what indie game development is all about.
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