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Thread: G.T.A.2 Map Editor

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    Its been a while when i worked on this thingy.

    I once wrote here how original editor uses low resources.

    How to render more with 0 or very low cpu usage?
    Original editor has always 0 cpu usage, only when you change block or move mouse or rotate the scene it gets a bit higher and after that its 0 again.
    I quickly put together simplest opengl app without nxPascal that uses FormPaint event instead of any (game) loop or timer.
    In FormPaint i do
    glDraw();                         // Draw the scene
      SwapBuffers(DC);                  // Display the scene
    In FormResize i do
    and CPU usage is small, practically zero. Of course i havent tried to render big map yet, just simple rectangle.
    While i resize the form, then the CPU usage goes a bit up and as soon as i stop resizing it goes back to 0.

    I think original editor uses same approach with the DirectX.

    Because when you modify any block in map, for example change the slope type, then you wont see updates immediately, but later when you do something else.
    So it seems its not re-rendering whole scene every frame but only when you click somewhere or change something else.

    It may be calls "Paint" event when needed only.

    So question is, is this do-able with nxPascal? And at the same time still keep same framerate on all PCs and so the picking also works as needed?

    I ask this to reduce the CPU usage which is high, even if you dont do anything. Rendering just makes it go high.

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    Last post from 2014. Time passes quickly.

    Was lurking around here, searching for OpenAL Delphi stuff.
    Im still working on it.

    I have bunch of versions on my hdd's and dvd's.
    There are few things added to editor. I dont work on this thing full time.
    Sometimes i get tired of all the programming stuff and i need to do something else.
    Now i picked it up again.

    Dunno when it happened but i figured out the camera rotation problems with mouse and kbd movement.
    All this now works ok.
    There are animated tiles also. Although the editing of animations is not working atm.
    My primary point was to make tile animations work and they do work at the same framerate as GTA2 ones.
    There are some more animated things needed, like power pickups, weapons etc... First i must draw them and then animate.

    Also some lighting work is done, my primary purpose of the editor is to make it compatible with WIN95 so no shaders for lighting.
    Why?? Because i love old op. systems, WIN95 is cool. Love sitting in there.

    I managed to figure out how to get like 60 built in OpenGL lights on screen at once and enable and disable them/change their properties.
    But usually maximum i need on screen at once is something like 10-15, usually less.
    So i can say that the lighting is okay.

    I have a code where i added a ped to the city and i can walk around the city.
    Collision detection only works on right side of the buildings, have been lazy to implement more.
    This is my way of doing things. It motivates me to see "half" working thing and then i can always finish it later.
    For me half working thing is more motivating..

    Now i mess with OpenAL delphi wrapper and trying to add some sounds to map.
    They are "scripted into game", i will not parse scripts atm but i add some sounds by hardcoding (taking data from script).
    Like birds on the trees or tower clock ticking.

    I want to test 3D sound. So if i walk away from clock then the ticking fades away..

    There are no new videos currently.
    Im just working on different things and trying them out.

    I have idea to actually rewrite it from scratch, using modern Delphi ((10.3 atm), generics etc..), also latest OpenGL with shaders and VBO.
    So i can render whole city with 60FPS etc etc.

    Will see..
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    Dude, i had a hiatus from gamedev here, and totally missed your whole thread,. This is cool work that you are doing, any gta modder / thinkerer gets special respect from me, i've been digging thru those files and formats for way too much, and i know how convoluted they can get at times, even tho the game looks really simple.

    IF you want, i'd like to help you out on your project with my knowledge, afterall i did write the last modern tools for modding gta2 ( ) and i also released my sty editor source code, if that still interests you (gta2 sty and gta1 g24 file formats are also very similar, plus i still can help at a lot of strange quirks that you might encounter, like the whole crazy pallette and car delta systems of gta1 and gta2 ).

    I've also been a fan of classical gta games since forever, and have my own project that is essentially building a similar game from scratch, as due to limitations of those 2 engines, they can never be brought into modern times with high resolution remastering, plus i think the game mechanics of those games can work really well for a massive online multiplayer game. My game is making really good progress lately, so if you wanted to collaborate on that too, i invite you to contact me, i could use some help.

    This is my game project - Top Down City:

    My OpenAL audio wrapper with Intelligent Source Manager to use unlimited:

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    If both you collaborate, that would be result in a greater project.
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    I hope that he messages me, our projects definetly have some large overlap.
    This is my game project - Top Down City:

    My OpenAL audio wrapper with Intelligent Source Manager to use unlimited:

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    Hello Jernej

    Im still here.
    Just noticed that you posted. Month later but..

    Any updates on your game?

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    Yes, while i have not published a lot, the game is progressing althru slowly, i've done a lot of optimizations and under the hood stability fixes, i will have a update soon.

    Let me know if you need any help with your project, like i said i can still help you a lot with gta1 file formats, if you wish to make importers for that for example.
    This is my game project - Top Down City:

    My OpenAL audio wrapper with Intelligent Source Manager to use unlimited:

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    Nice, thanks for the help!
    I have few questions but they can wait a bit.

    I have a tile picker which supports transparency in tiles. So user can see transparent tiles as transparent before even using them.
    Also its possible to "Search" specific tile with its index, to avoid lots of scrolling.
    Useful if you remember commonly used tiles in specific .sty file.

    Currently im implementing unlimited Undo/Redo. Unlimited is not the primary thing here but its just the way it is.
    It basically worked but i found few bugs and issues.

    Now i remodeled the whole thing. Will see how this one will work. As im now typing this reply here im working on this thing..
    In next reply i will let people know how it worked out..
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    Anybody knows is it possible to use shaders without actually using modern GL rendering context?
    I mean use some shader code with for example: OpenGL 2.0 ?
    Confusing but i have seen some old "legit" OpenGL code with some shader stuff in it.
    Or its not possible because of "context" ? I mean older context can't deal with modern stuff and modern code can't affect the old 1.1 commands?
    Lets say my app is using 1.1 API only and i want to add shader lighting into it. Not possible?

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    From what I can read around internet:

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