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Thread: voxel game

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    voxel game

    edit: public repo is here:
    or engine. or both, anyways i'm working on it. current state is a bunch of cubes that can be edited, saved and loaded. Doesn't look pretty yet, need to add some lighting/shading. made in lazarus and opengl

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    It looks smooth. What kind of optimizations have you used?

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    not many, map is divided into 32x256x32 chunks, each has it's own vbo. then I'm sending only centre of each cube to the gpu instead of all the verts and cube is created in geometry shader. in the alpha channel is encoded info which faces are actually visible and since I'm planning to use deferred rendering then alpha is not much of use anyways. and I do frustum culling on chunks, 'radar' in right bottom corner shows which of them are rendered. runs pretty smooth on my laptop, we'll see if it's still smooth with lighting

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    attempt to implement deferred rendering when knowing opengl so little wasn't a smartest move. after few days of struggle I decided to do usual lighting for starters and yay, it works:
    forward rendering.jpg

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    deferred + ssao

    btw anyone knows if this sort of 'shading' is ssao or some other technique?
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    Had a little break from the project but it turned out that my distraction can be integrated into the engine.
    behold> behaviour tree logic editor connected to the sprite's artificial brain via udp

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    Cool. Do you know if it works on Linux? And what's the minimal graphics card needed? I have some ideas about voxeled games...
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    I think it should work on linux after some minor changes to input handling.
    runs at 50-60 fps on gt 540m which isn't that great.

    now working on a terrain generation:

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    Added 3d L-system for plant generation
    As I continue to learn on the subject, I've begun to see major flaws in my design so I rather make a game than rewrite everything to make it a better engine.
    Planet exploration game. Like all those other minecraft-settlers-dwarf-fortress clones that started popping around but in space

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