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Thread: Compiling on Rasperry Pi

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    Compiling on Rasperry Pi

    (Comes from this thread.)

    Quote Originally Posted by 3Shrike3 View Post
    Thanks for replying - sorry about not posting in the right forum, will next time.
    There is allegro for raspberry pi - it just needed an apt-get allegro. Your -FU option didn't work, but you were right about the write permissions issue - I just needed to compile with sudo fpc test.pas
    You shouldn't never compile as root (or sudoer).

    Option -FU is to tell the compiler where to save the output of compiling units. Anyway, the error you posted:

    albase.pas(209) Error: Can't create assembler file: /usr/lib/fpc/2.6.0/units/arm-linux/allegro.pas/albase.pas/albase.s
    Your compiler is trying to create an assembler file instead of an object file. May be your should use option -ap:

      -a     The compiler doesn't delete the generated assembler file
          -al        List sourcecode lines in assembler file
          -an        List node info in assembler file
          -ap      Use pipes instead of creating temporary assembler files
          -ar        List register allocation/release info in assembler file
          -at        List temp allocation/release info in assembler file
    Anyway, as a temporary assembler file it should create it at /tmp. May be your FPC configuration isn't correct.
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