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Thread: SDL 2.0 Headers for [Object] Pascal?

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    There are pascal headers for development version of SDL in HedgeWars and TURBU, not sure how recent they are, but they may be helpful.

    Edit: Turbu header is probably just delphi only, I got into quite a few issues when trying to use it in FPC. There also seem to be some sort of SDL2 pascal headers on github, but the repository is messy and the files are full of syntactic errors; probably some h2p translation that wasn't cleaned up.
    The headers from Hedgewars look nice, I added some minor stuff and got a basic Display class up and running. Going to play with events now
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    Quote Originally Posted by WILL View Post
    I'm sure you'll find them to be the best ones for the job. I recall Sascha Willems practically scolding Embarcadero on theirs and suggesting the use and inclusion of the DGL headers in future releases of Delphi instead.
    Yeah, I had them downloaded from a while back. Just needed to get an updated copy.

    OpenGL is a bit of a monster though and I think it would be more of a benefit to let someone else fight that battle. Especially when it's already been fought. It might be a good idea to take on one API/framework at a time anyhow.
    Well, it's not a monster because of complexity.. they are just header files. A bunch of function prototypes, some structs/unions, and a cubic arseload of constant #defines. It is just the sheer amount of them that is daunting. The DGL translation adds a few helper functions for loading function pointers and such, and weighs in at around 20k lines. I need to do some comparison checking to the SDL_opengl source file to make sure it is more or less the same, which I think it is.

    Now if the DGL community starts dropping the ball then that's a whole new bag of worms and I'd say go for it.
    The only problem I have with DGL (and it is my problem, not theirs) is that I don't speak/read German. Fortunately, the dglOpenGL.pas unit is in English, but little on their wiki is translated. That, or I am having trouble finding the translated pages, even after appending the standard /en for English pages in wikimedia. Google translate works to a degree, but isn't very good for technical articles.

    Anyway.. I am almost done with the raw conversion. Have to do a more intensive functional cleanup pass, then a logic verification pass, and then a "feed it to the compiler and see what happens" set of passes. After that comes the fun part... testing.

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    Pulsar2D framework:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybermonkey View Post
    Those are for SDL 1.3.

    I've got several translations of SDL 1.x headers.

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    Ah, okay my fault, I thought 1.3 was the development version of 2.0. Never saw a 1.3 version on ...
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    Pulsar2D framework:

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    Well, technically, there was never a 1.3. The repository contains a 1.3 branch, but it is marked as obsolete, and looks to be just a marker to start the development of the "next version". That branch is dated Feb 2010, and the files in the SwinGameSDK are dated Jan 2012. Even if it is a 2.0-dev branch translation, there has been a LOT of development in the last 18 months leading up to the actual 2.0 release, so I don't think it can be considered a good 2.0-compatible translation.

    Without looking into it, I think it is, at best, a snapshot of the "latest and greatest" of the dev version of SDL as of 18 months ago, but likely may be just a translation of whatever the obsolete 1.3 tag has in it, which looks to be just a copy of v1.2.14. Note that the latest public version of SDL, 1.2.15, was released pretty much at the same time as those SwinGameSDK files were.

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    Most of the functions and structures related to window, renderer and management are compatible with 2.0RC, so it is usable at least to some extent - I haven't tested the whole lib of course. I haven't had any trouble getting some simple game running with it, if I used it instead of my own translated header.
    So definitely not a 1.2.x copy, and at least somewhat usable in the meantime.
    By the way, are you using the source of RC or trunk as a base for your version?
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    Perhaps, but the main point of the exercise is to get a fully 2.0-API-compliant header set, drawn directly from the released sources. (That and to get a deep view of the library)

    I am using the actual 2.0 release headers from the public SDL-2.0.0 download package. The headers should not be changing at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imcold View Post
    There are pascal headers for development version of SDL in HedgeWars and TURBU
    Hedgewars were written with FPC? Interesting...

    Anyway, I hope you'll get it working. While I don't like SDL for reasons stated on this site many times, others like it and more choices is always welcomed!

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