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Why would that be minus?
Sure it seems that in mobiles there is much faster advancment but in reality most of the technologies currently present in mobiles are just existng technologies from desktop world being ported to mobiles. And it is the rate of how fast theese technologies are being ported to mobiles which actually creates mobiles lifespan so short.
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I wasn't referring to accessories like camera and GPS, but CPU and GPU. I think these will be receive most innovations, while on desktop they are becoming somewhat stagnant. Worse, if desktop market is going to shrink considerably, it may have repercussions on major players like Nvidia or AMD.

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I really need to think before I write if I'm on topic. There's forums on the web where you get burnt alive for that kind of thing.
I don't think you should worry about it. I'm myself am used to... err... controversial responses, when state my opinion.

This comes into mind...