It's always good to take stock in what tools everyone is using as time passes. It was just a bit over 10 years ago that Delphi was just about the only game in town for games development using the Pascal language -- FPC was not as well developed then as it is now!

Fastforward to today and well there are many other options and frankly they are more appealing in many ways from a game programming and indie dev perspective. Not that it's not a great tool still and that it hasn't evolved over the years, but considering an indie developer's budget, need for platform portability and scale of support it's not something that lends it's self to the small developer much anymore.

Personally, I've seen a growing trend moving towards Free Pascal and Lazarus along with much newer alternatives like Smart Mobile Studio and the Oxygene compilers. Some have been adopted far more than others and of course some developers seem to remain die-hard fans of the old D-phi.

So which are you? What do you use for all of your current projects? Please let us know so we can get an idea of the scope of the Pascal-based game development landscape!