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Thread: DogFight Competition Judges announced...

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    DogFight Competition Judges announced...

    There will be 5 judges and they are...
    Steve "Sly" Williams - A long time member of the Delphi game programming community, who works as a professional lead C/C++ game developer @ Krome Studios.

    Tom "Delphi3D" Nuydens - A long time member of the Delphi game programming community and leading edge OpenGL demo writer over @ Delphi3D.

    Dean "Techno Mage" Ellis - A long time member of the Delphi game programming community and co-founder of the original site and one of the amazing developers @ the Cerebral Bicycle Company.

    Jon "Tux" Walton - A long time member of the Delphi game programming community who runs the Vader Trophy site.


    Me - Just someone who likes to hang around chat rooms and trolling.

    I remind prospective entrants to please have a fall back mode if your game is for ultra high end graphics cards. If we cannot see the game working, it will be extremely hard to judge it and therefore mark. While if it works, we can judge the game play and then get one of the other judges to send ingame screenshots from their high end machines.

    I will post each judge's machine specs as well in the next few days.
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    DogFight Competition Judges announced...

    Actaully savage is being quite modest.

    Dominique "Savage" Louis was co-founder of the original site, now co-manager/founder of PGD, Project Leader for the JEDI-SDL library and has worked on many well known projects such as the opensource version Seige Of Avalon projectand work on many other notable Pascal-based projects.

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    DogFight Competition Judges announced...

    Glad to see some well-known individuals judging on this one. But Dominique, could you also please (maybe as a separate news entry) tell exactly how and when (time, date is known) we should publish our entries, so that we have some official statemant on that matter.

    If I'm not mistaken we'll have to upload them onto our own webspace and then send you a link to the entry via mail, is that right?

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    DogFight Competition Judges announced...

    that will be announced with the judge's pc specs


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