This is the first new version of DeleD since the Delgine 3D team has launched their commertial edition called DeleD PRO. PRO comes with many features, extras and incentives that will not appear in the DeleD LITE versions you are used to now. It goes for ?,50 EUR (or $68.82 USD) and you get free updates to the next 'big numbered' version. Both DeleD LITE and PRO are Licence Free tools.

<table width=100%><tr><td class='newsContent'>Changes in 1.1:
<ul>[*]renewed 3DS and OBJ importers[*]brand new X importer[*]added option to toggle the grid on the 3D view[*]fixes a known UV coordinates bug (flipping V components)[*]features a Buy PRO button[/list]

PRO 1.1 Changes Only:
<ul>[*]now has a textprimitive[*]added support for TGA files[/list]

Get DeleD and DeleD PRO at!</td><td width=162><center>[img]files/news/2005_03_06_deled_pro.jpg[/img]</center></td></tr></table>