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Thread: using bmp from file for a sprite-image...

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    using bmp from file for a sprite-image...

    I recently tried delphyX. Everything i tried worked well except for a sprite with a large image. I made a gif-file with xara3D and i want to use this for an animation of a sprite. I converted it to bmp with all the frames one after the other. The bmp was a bit over 2MB. I couldn't load it in an imagelist, probably because the file was to big. Is it possible to load this file in runtime. Or to change an image in an imagelist with a bmp-file in runtime. So i could put all the images in files (and the exe file would also be smaller).

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    using bmp from file for a sprite-image...

    It's possible and I did it a while ago, I'll search through my archive........................................... .............................
    10 minutes later.... Okay found it !

    With TPictureCollectionItem(DXImageList1.Items.Add()) do
    Name := 'MyImage';

    DXImageList1.Items.Restore; // Don't ask me why this is needed, but it is!

    I tested it and it works, however I wouldn't advise this, I wrote a tutorial on my website that works with the DXDraw object, but doesn't use the DXImageList. I made a program once that uses a tiled bitmap of over 5 MB and there isn't even a slowdown noticeable, but I'm familiar with the problem that Delphi crashes (or runs very very slow) when you use big bitmaps in the DXImageList!

    Hope this helps!
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