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Thread: UBERHxx0R! (Gut busting funny)

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    UBERHxx0R! (Gut busting funny)

    Man oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man! This guy is really a dolt... Such a hacker, he hacked himself! (The good ol'e trick...) :lol: :lol:

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    Re: UBERHxx0R! (Gut busting funny)

    If you save your data in a proprietary format, the owner of the format owns your data.
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    UBERHxx0R! (Gut busting funny)

    I can only aspire to be as good as bitchhacker. One day I too will reach those dizzy heights. Great story.
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    UBERHxx0R! (Gut busting funny)

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    UBERHxx0R! (Gut busting funny)

    Uber h4x15ch! =]
    What echoes in Eternity has been done in someone's life...


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