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Thread: My voxel editor

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    My voxel editor

    Title say it all.
    A simple voxel editor I wrote some weeks ago, upgraded last few days to import kvx files (the build engine voxel format). This project started as a help tool to my future plans about supporting voxels into the DelphiDoom engine, but can easily fit to other needs.
    Simple interface, multiple undo/redo, with simple editing, just like a basic paint program (select a level on xy, xz or yz and paint with the mouse), you can also import images into current editing level and also rotate it.
    Main window is splitted in 2 panels, left is 2d drawing of the current level, right is the 3d preview (along with a grid to indicate which level is currently in edit mode).
    Saves in it's own file format (readable ascii), you can easy change it to save some other (binary) format.

    Executable and full source code:

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    hey thats looking neat, will give it a test soon

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    qtintf70.dll is missing

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    Quote Originally Posted by laggyluk View Post
    qtintf70.dll is missing
    Fixed, thanks!

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    nice, i'd suggest adding 2 buttons for scrolling up and down z-levels

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    A new version (1.3.1) is available.

    Downloads: (Windows Executable & full source code)

    New features:
    * Heighmap and terrain importing
    * Copy/Paste front, back, left, right, top and down views
    * Optimized OpenGL rendering (using technology from DelphiDoom's OpenGL renderer)

    For Pascal Programmers:
    Inside the vxe_mesh.pas file you can find the TVoxelMeshOptimizer class.
    This class will optimize a (naive) voxel buffer (a plain 3-dimentional ARRAY - declared at voxels.pas file) to an optimized mesh structure (use the LoadVoxel() member function).
    Then the mesh structure can be rendered with the RenderGL() member function.


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    I don't see any source in the file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyandyr View Post
    I don't see any source in the file.
    Go here:

    You'll see there's two files, one with the binaries and one with the source.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akira13 View Post

    Go here:

    You'll see there's two files, one with the binaries and one with the source.
    Thanks. Pretty confusing site that sourceforge.

    I get 'Left side cannot be assigned to' in pngimage.pas line 2769:
    Byte(Dest^) := fOwner.GammaTable[pByte(Longint(Src) + 2)^]; inc(Dest);
    Replacing pChar with pAnsiChar in whole file helps.

    Need also to comment out the third line
    //  ReadImplementationProperties;
    To get it working. After that compiles nice on Berlin 10.1
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