It would probably make flame here, but if it comes to this point, I believe mods will close this pretty fast (but please don't unless there will be f-war).

So they want to remove ability to resell our used games, right? Well, I'm against these practices. They are fully powered by greed.

Mark my words there will be times when you'll pay for brand new game same as for 5 years old if it passes.

They say that this is to provide more revenue to game developers. You know what? That's bullshit. Want more revenue streams? Make more damn games. Or go into F2P, I don't care. There are also subscription-based model which provides CONSTANT revenue.

I can't lend games to friend, or just plain give them if I already went through it? Bullshit. I remember when I used to swap with my cousins Famicom carts with games (since we all had famiclones, mostly one called Pegasus, though I had clone Funstation that looked like PSX except where in PSX is CD-ROM there were cartridge port). Granted, they were mostly pirate X in 1 carts, but we didn't know it was piracy at the time. We had great time playing them though.

Yes I'm sorry about what happened with THQ, great publisher, really. But their only advantage was Saint Row series and they weren't clever enough to make more revenue by not relying on their cash cow and sell other games too. They weren't even making use of their older successful IPs (Homeworld...). But for one things they were... They were morons.

Why? Because they got too reliant on one IP instead of developing multiple at same time. Which would provide "multiple revenue streams" so wanted by so-called game developers. Instead they chosen to take easier route by taking away our rights.

This is bad, this is really bad.