I am back to a problem that has been left unsolved for over a year. I have tried once in a while but get nowhere. Last year, I switched to OpenGL 3.2 in my teaching work. (3.2 essentially means moving to modern OpenGL. There is a big difference between OpenGL 2 and 3 while OpenGL 4 isn't all that different.)

Working with modern OpenGL from C is no problem (except for the uncomfortable language). Of course I want to use FPC for my private projects! So I haven converted my simplest GL 3.2 demo to FPC. However, Load_GL_version_3_2 (in glext) does not help, it returns false, and then the program crashes since the OpenGL calls aren't installed properly. BTW, the OpenGL context is created for 3.2.

Is this a known problem? Anyone else who have tried? Any solutions?