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Thread: Sdl 2.0

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    Sdl 2.0

    Have you already seen that
    SDL 2.0 is now in Release Candidate status!
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    Pulsar2D framework:

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    So SDL finally goes hardware accelerated, it's good news
    I went and took a look on bugtracker to see what's going on recently, and i find this bug
    screenshot there: http://bugzilla-attachments.libsdl.o...nt.cgi?id=1158
    The very typical issue you might get with texture filtering. Not even clamping will help when using texture grid-patterns. Key-color transparency is thing of the past, i wonder how fast people will learn to adapt to how hardware handles things. SDL cannot magically make things work easier, attempting to do so would make an overhead, and price in performance.

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    This is my SDL2 for Delphi XE4 with support for MACOS:

    Pascal-Header-Conversion SDL from the JEDI-Team written by Domenique Louis and others.
    Pascal-Header-Conversion SDL2 from the Copyright (C) 2012/13 Tim Blume aka End.
    I only adapt for compile to OSX with DelphiXE?

    Only work with latest SDL2 library (Sun Aug 18 2013) because SDL_CreateWindow now return new param between "title" and "x" param ?.

    It include:

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