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Thread: Another Pascal vs. C argument

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    Quote Originally Posted by phibermon View Post
    He's an old friend trying to goad me into a debate because he misses it as much as me

    Four and a half years ago - no longer relevant. Reading it back I'm fairly certain I wrote the references to the increment operator as tongue in cheek - a long standing joke that didn't originate with me.

    As for the other points? there are different considerations for a fledgling coder compared to a seasoned professional. Pascal was always the go-to language in academia for teaching programming techniques. Indeed the creator of the language - Niklaus Wirth - intended pascal to be used in this way. It has now widely been supplanted by Java in this role which is itself chosen over C++ for the same reasons OOP was before it : the idea is to teach programming - not syntax.

    The points taken in that context are valid. Comments such as "Aw come on that's kids stuff. Everyone knows pre-increment is write then read." are not helpful since we *do* teach a lot of kids here. We're not trying to demonstrate our knowledge - we're trying to share it.

    Ultimately you should choose whatever language you're most comfortable with that allows you to target the platforms you desire. You'll find communities out there to help you no matter what you choose.
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    Me and @thegilb must now play tic-tac-toe where we will eventually discover that the only winning move is not to play.

    I agree with you The points made in this context are valid
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    Quote Originally Posted by phibermon View Post
    int C = 5;
    int D = C++;
    This seems like a proper place to mention the D programming language - . To me it seems like an interesting project and it has certain features which look close to Pascal.
    Also, here are few examples of C++ gramatical epicness -

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