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Thread: Some gravity particles

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    If you scratch one dimension, you have to reduce the divisor - scratch one multiplication. Then it could be reduced further, this should work nicely:
    d = G_FORCE / d
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    Remember there were originally 2 multiplications in optimized version, so now it becomes 1 and that looks like working well
    I still want to give boundaries to the world though, and see what it'd be like. Kind of like how subsection would settle, and i expect a little plasma-like effect. Some days later perhaps.

    edit: Decided to code them straight away. (No plasma, but something more boring )
                // Rectangular collision
                {if v.x<-10 then movement.x:=abs(movement.x)
                else if v.x>10 then movement.x:=-abs(movement.x);
                if v.y<-10 then movement.y:=abs(movement.y)
                else if v.y>10 then movement.y:=-abs(movement.y); }
                // Circular collision
                if v.x*v.x+v.y*v.y>100 then
                  movement:=reflect(movement, vector2f(-v.x*0.1,-v.y*0.1));
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    Here is interesting proposal for simulation scenario:
    After creating particles in the first place give them initial velocity as if tey would be orbiting some point in the center of your simulation world.
    I think it could make some more interesting results since particles won't simply split into positive and negative group so fast. And if you give particles which are closer to the center a bit more speed you might even get some swirl effects from particle movments.

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    Went and bought Universe sandbox on Steam sales, now that it's under 4 euros.
    It is getting a bit laggy with 50000 asteroids orbiting the star in the screenshot. But these asteroids are most likely not orbiting eachother. Either way, lots of things this app can do, with creative mind.

    edit: Please add the maximum limits for attached images. You can't really see anything from this small blurred image.
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    Quote Originally Posted by User137 View Post
    But these asteroids are most likely not orbiting eachother. Either way, lots of things this app can do, with creative mind.
    I tested Universe Sandbox a wile ago while it was still free alpha and it is quite good.
    As for the asteroids I don't think Universe Sandbox calculates atraction between them.
    Even in reality asteroids usually have so low gravity that they can't affect each other until they get realy close to each other.

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