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Thread: Saving a screenshot in Asphyre Extreme?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theodore View Post
    I have been using TAsphyreScreener to take a screenshot but occasionally it just grabs a blank (black) screen. Anybody else had this problem?
    Is it realy black or is it of the same color that is used to clear the screen? (try changing the clear screen color to see if it afets the color of blank screenshot=.

    If changing of clear color does afects your screenshot then you are taking it at wrong time (probably just after the screen was cleared and before next rendering phase).
    So in such case I suggest that change your code in a way that pressing screenshot button does not executes the screenshot command right away but insted sets some bolean variable to true.
    This variable should be checked befeore every new rendering cycle happens and if it is true the screenshot is taken before the next rendering phase if not well they you simply continue to the next rendering phase.

    This will gurarante you that the screenshot will always be taken when the game sceen is fully rendered so there will be no visual artifacts present.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes it is actually a black screen shot, but the color I use to clear the screen is yellow. Although I think you do have a point, I shall have another look at the code and get back. Thanks.

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