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Thread: Is there good 2d physics library with pascal bindings?

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    Is there good 2d physics library with pascal bindings?

    As Box2D bindings for Pascal are virtually non-existent, I'm looking for alternative (so blocks removed by Mario in Super Heli Land could fly downwards in a cool way). Do you know about any 2d physics lib with Pascal bindings that actually work? Chipmunk? Newton? Some other?

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    You can use Newton Game Dynamics. More information (pascal headers, demos, etc.) on Sacha Williems webpage:

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    There were working Chipmunk bindings the last time I checked (2 years back).

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    Yeah... about that... I need freepascal/Lazarus bindings as my game is going to be multiplatform (while I don't have Linux ATM, virtual machine should be enough to compile and test it).

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    Newton Game Dynamics does support Windows, Max, and LINUX and you can find newest pascal Header here (for both Delphi and FPC):

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    Thanks! When I went on Newton's site in first link of yours, I saw only Delphi/Pascal, which is bit vague and assumed it is Delphi-only. But since it isn't, my issue is now resolved. Big thanks!

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    I think Newton started out as Delphi and Windows, but as the number of usable tools and supported targets grew so did the support for other compilers and platforms.
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