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Thread: Full Screen Command Line

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    Full Screen Command Line

    This is such an annoying and simple matter of Windows 8 that I can't seem to get around. I simply wish to enable a full screen command line window (like in the DOS days or when the older command line in Windows (XP, I think) could be fullsized). Usually it was Alt + Enter, but now it seems impossible. Any way to do this?

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    As far as I know in Windows Vista or later it is imposible to run Command line in real full screen mode. This is suposingly due to the way how the contents of its window are being rendered.
    One posible solution for this would be installing WindowsXP mode and then running Command promp from within WindowsXP mode but I'm not sure if it would realy work.

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    You mean to use the Compatibility Mode? Hmm, I thought of it too. Still have to try that.

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    Bijo, tried Alt+Enter to go into fullscreen?

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    Windows 7 command prompt doesn't support fullscreen mode. If you wanted to make something like "Nethack", you might be better off drawing the console. Attempts to initialize old DOS window modes are highly unrecommended.

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    Well, I've tried the best options and I haven't gotten it to work in full-screen mode. There isn't even the possibility to choose XP compatibility mode and try it out. Microsoft seems to want to fully discourage a thing like this, but, ahh... the nostalgia that I have

    I am reminded of DosBox. Maybe one should use it and Turbo Pascal with it if possible.

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    If you plan on using DosBox and TurboPascal in it I can tell you that it is posible and it runs quite well. I tried that myself about half a year ago.
    Infact after using DosBox for some ydears now I found only small number of DOS based application which wouldn't run on it by default. And for most of these there are unoficial patches to make it work in DosBox.

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    You may also try some VM software such as QEMU or VirtualBox and install FreeDOS in it, then set machine so it'll behave like 486. Much better compatibility than DosBOX.

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    Hmmm, thanks for the information. I might give it a shot, research a bit those options. Somehow, at least to me, there is something "charming" about a full-screen command line, heh heh heh

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    maybe you could use so called 'pipes'. then just make a maximized form with tmemo on it

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