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Thread: An internship in a foreign country

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    An internship in a foreign country

    Hi folks,

    I'm a german programmer. It might sound naive when I ask in a forum for an internship in countries like america, australia or any other english-speaking country. But maybe someone has at least a hint for me to whom I could send my application documents. I'm a 23-year old student, studying computer science in Munster (Westphalia). I wrote the free delphi/directx-documentation SelfDXD which is very popular in Germany and a book about programming in Delphi and Directx 9, called "Directx 9 fAČ║r Delphi". Before I complete my studies, I would like to do an internship in a foreign country ideally in a software company or in the computer center of a big company. Can anyone of you arrange an internship for me in his own company or does anyone have a tip where it's worth to apllying an application?

    My references:
    - author of SelfDXD (=> Delphi) (
    - author of the book "DirectX 9 in Delphi" (=> Delphi) (,
    - I wrote an AI for a Japanese board game called Daimyo (=> Delphi) (
    - I have written a backup tool for the leading software company that produces applications for dental practice (=> Delphi) (
    - currently I'm involved in a computer linguistic project at my university. I write a tool for building a ressource of phrase-structure-trees and predicate-argument-structures of parallel textcorpora (=> Java)
    - furthermore I'm concerned with a software project that deals with independent component analysis (ICA). We write a benchmarking tool that allows to test various algorithms according to their quality they separate mixed signals. (=> Matlab) (

    I have extensive experiences with the following programming languages:
    Delphi, Java, Matlab, Mathematica, Prolog

    I'm familiar with:
    C++, PHP, MySQL, Haskell, Lisp

    Of course I can also work with:
    HTML + CSS 3, various Windows applications, various Linux applications

    special interests:
    Artificial Intelligence and Life (Agent Simulations, Neural Networks, Language learning), 3D graphics.

    Because I'm not so familiar with the english-speaking programming-communities: do you have any hints where it's worth to post this text in other forums?

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    An internship in a foreign country

    Hi Marty,

    Take a look at this website:

    And then see in their "Visitors/Students" section...there might be something there for you that you can use. Also, get in touch with INS itself. Ask them your questions, if there's anything that can be done about this, they'll know what to do and/or who you should contact.

    Hope this helps
    When they say it can't be done, THAT's when they call me! ;-).
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    <br />MystikShadows
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    An internship in a foreign country

    Perhaps could help. They're bound to have some section where you can make requests like these, and where they're read by the right people.


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