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Thread: New tutorial available

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    New tutorial available

    As some of you may know, I've been working on two tutorials for the past 3 months now. And now finally, I'm happy to report that the first part is finally done

    If your interested in creating platform games, hop over to my website . It's in the tutorial section, third icon.
    In this part I show you how to use tiles, how to load them and finally how to scroll through a tilemap. After you have finished it, you'll have the basis done for the next part.

    In part two of the tutorial, I take the stuff in part one a bit further and change it into a cool looking platform game.

    I hope you'll like it, and if you've got the time please let me know what you think about it...


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    New tutorial available

    my first post after quite a while......ill check it out..thnx

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    New tutorial available

    A couple weeks ago I started this thread with a message about a new tutorial.

    Today, I'm happy to announce my latest work, the second (and final) part of a tutorial series, how to write a platform game.

    In this tutorial I continue the work started in part one by showing you how to add items in a the playarea, how to pick them up, how to create other characters and last but not least, I show you how to create a user-controlled character, including the jumping that comes with it

    If your interested and happen to have some free time available please drop by sometime and have a look.

    I'm very curious about any ideas, comments and questions you might have so please let me know what you think...

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    New tutorial available

    Great job!

    I always wondered how that jumping thing worked.
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    Excellent tutorials!

    Really excellent tutorials, my hat is off to you.
    Very clear explanantions.

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    New tutorial available

    Thanks for the compliments

    Also for the one you wrote on my forum, Terry... those are ones that make it all worthwhile

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    New tutorial available

    Pretty good tutorial and also a cool website - Wolfnight Game Development

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    New tutorial available

    I am very happy to see your tutorials, there are not many in the web so they are very usefull. It is a beatiful site too

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    New tutorial available

    Thanks for the compliments


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