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Hm, if you read the comments on http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/a...d-of-2013.aspx I got the impression that OUYA already failed ...
Failed at what? They are still up and running and there is now over 350 games on the store. They probably did better than some of Nintendo's worst console attempts. People who are making silly comments like this usually don't know (or think they know) much beyond what they want to believe themselves. Bandwagon riders for the most part. Seek out the facts for yourself and you'll never be fooled.

They are just starting and yes they have angered backers and made many mistakes along the way, but they have been cleaning up their mess and making up for it and they are still continuing to operate and improve the console.

In fact... I got an email from OUYA about a week ago giving me a $13.37 credit on my account to be used towards purchases and this is money out of their pocket, not the developers'. In addition there have been quite a few firmware updates that fix a lot of the core functionality of the console. I suggested to OUYA CEO Julie Urman via Twitter that they should publish a list somewhere of all the planned improvements forthcoming to which I got the response "great idea and yes." She was concerned that people might be upset of overreact if something was late or delayed and asked what I thought they should handle that.

Personally, I like their approach and I think they will be around to crash next year's E3 once again. If not actually be inside the building this time.

A new Sega console would be cool and it probably would do well considering the way the nostalgia trend is so popular right now. Plus it might help that there are far more gamers now than back in the 90s when they were in the prime of theory console business. I'm kinda happy that they aren't though. I like that Sonic is cross-platform.