Hello there,

we are a bunch of hobby game developersand call ourselves Magic Storm, some info here:

We are working on a mixture of sandbox and role playing plattformer game or something like that. ;-)

The screens are old, I need to update them soon but gives a good idea:
or here:

Currently we are one developer (Me) and two GFX artists (all in free time). We used some music from older games until now and have only very few speech and SFX, we need a lot more.

So we are looking for a SFX / Speech or maybe also music artist, who wants to join our team :-)

The game will be released as freeware in a month or two but we want to continously enhance and update it and see later what happens.
If we earn money later (I don't know) we will split it, there is no pay right now.

So if you are interested, or maybe have a good idea where else I could do a job post for hobby artists, please let me know :-)

Thanks for your interest!