I just got news that Kickstarter is now accepting Canadian funding campaigns. That now makes US, UK and Canadian countries that can start an actual Kickstarter crowd funding campaign. For most of this community this isn't overly huge news as there isn't that many Canadians here as there are those from other countries, but it's really huge news for me at least.

I live in Canada and have been eying options for public crowd funding for some of my projects. IndieGoGo was always an option, but it doesn't have near the same exposure and user friendliness as the popular Kickstarter which funded some of the biggest projects that went into the millions. Double Fine Adventure, OUYA and so on. There is such a huge following on this site for backing things that people feel that they can get behind. It's probably the best place to put up your indie game if you can wow a potential interested audience that would meet your budget goal.

I suggest that those that love backing indie games on there keep an eye out for me of course!

Any other Canadians here or that you know of that will be interested in this?