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Thread: FREE Resources to help you finsih your entries...

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    Lightbulb FREE Resources to help you finsih your entries...

    Hey guys! You didn't think I'd set you all to task and not offer a helping hand did you?

    Well here are a few great resources that can help you get started or add a few bits to your games to help you realize your concepts.

    A lot of this stuff is either Royalty Free or Creative Commons or Public Domain even. Have a look for yourself, I'm splitting up these links into their areas of use.


    Incompetech (big music catalog. search by genre or feel) (mainly royalty free for a flat cost, but they have a free section. worth a look still!) (intended for Flash projects, but has quite a large library of music loops)

    Sound Effects (big big sound effect DB) (another resource, but not as big as SoundDogs) (for musicians, but they release sets of samples each week. the odd sample would make a good SFX & esp. good if you are making a musical game)

    Graphics (a whole collection of free sprites--2D and 3D, tiles and other assets free for use)
    WidgetWorx's SpriteLib (a single ZIPped collection of sprite meant for use to get started, taken from older iOS and OS X game projects)
    Lost Garden (Daniel Cook's infamous Epic Megagames sprites and other newer offerings. He's been pretty good to the game dev community and here is some of his work.)

    There are a lot of ones that I like to dig through and have a search when making my prototypes, but you can of course find others out there. You can even just use Google it's self to search for something specific, though sometimes I have found that to be a little time consuming if it's a really rare or unusual thing your looking for.

    Such as... Here is a blog post I found that has all kinds of links to other such resources:

    Enjoy and don't get too caught up in all the assets and forget about YOUR vision of your game entry!

    Found any other great resources, why not share?
    Jason McMillen
    Pascal Game Development

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    Sound Effects: (great site, high quality sound effects, various licences)


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