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Thread: DelphiX & UnDelphiX History 101

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    DelphiX & UnDelphiX History 101

    Dunno. Although his long dead page (which appears in all the old links) seems to have come alive again?

    I am curious to find out why he never completed / maintained the excellent work he started....

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    DelphiX & UnDelphiX History 101

    I guess this mystery continues?

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    DelphiX & UnDelphiX History 101

    I was sure that this was answered in a post somewhere in the forums here, but oh well here it goes again.

    Hori had stopped working on DelphiX for whatever reasons [size=9px](I'll have to assume like most projects, lack of interest.)[/size] and moved onto a commercial project involving a library called TMpegEnc. It is assumed by most that followed DelphiX when it was still being developed that he had finally gotten a full time job in the industry and kept busy enough that he just didn't have time for it anymore. Add to the fact that his English isn't [size=9px](or at least wasn't then)[/size] that great, so whatever non-Japanese speaking/reading audience he had sort of fell off the radar.

    That is the story of Mr. Hori as I know it.
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    DelphiX & UnDelphiX History 101

    cool I know TMpegEnc, didn't know he had anything to do with it though.

    Such a pity he chose to leave without small polishing and finishing of delphix but oh well...

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    Is there a version that supports 24-bit?

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    if you search for a GDK for Delphi (Direct-X) try

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