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Thread: MIDlet Pascal

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    MIDlet Pascal

    Many thanks for this forum on your site. I'm beginning to learn Pascal with a move to mobile application development, and have picked up some hints from the posts on your site.

    I've tested both Blitzbomber and Stopwatch on my phone so you now know that they also work on Sony Ericsson P990i...

    I don't know if anyone has dabbled recently with MIDlet Pascal...?

    I've noticed now in a few virus scanners that the "Psuedo Trojan" that seems to be attached as a stigma to MIDlet Pascal seems to have gone?

    I.e the Midlets you create, now scan clean...
    Determined to crack this programming lark...

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    MIDlet Pascal

    Hi Chobley, welcome to the forums.
    I have not looked at MidletPascal for about 1 year, because the compiler seems to have been abandoned. It's great that the virus scanners no longer identify them as viruses.

    Are you working on anything interesting?
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    MIDlet Pascal

    Thanks for your interest Savage...

    If MIDlet Pascal has been abandoned I don't know why...there website is not active and it's such a nice little product to use. Guess like loads of things out there on the web that is a niche product becomes either hard to find or not in great demand...

    I'm from a BASIC background and have used Procedure based languages in the past...I'm returning to programming after about 14 years abscence and that was on only on an amateur basis at the time. How things have changed, OOP for instance...and Windows...! OK so I'm familiar a little bit with Windows again and how things work :-)

    Project wise - just done loads of little things just to test how things work on mobile phones...I have loads of ideas for a big game but they are a long way off whilst I'm still - if not, forever learning!!
    Determined to crack this programming lark...

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