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Thread: Help with Pilgrim!

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    Help with Pilgrim!

    Hi! Could someone explain me how to use this Pilgrim unit: Gaming API Support 1.1 (Sprites, tiles, multiple keys pressing, sensor screen support?


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    Help with Pilgrim!

    Hi and welcome to PGD!

    Unfortunately we will need more information about what you are talking about and what your problem with it is. You haven't given us a lot to go on and our gathered knowledge of MIDletPascal is a bit scarce at this time. Let alone this 'Gaming API Support 1.1' or Pilgrim unit you speak about.

    Is there a link with more information about it?
    Jason McMillen
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    Yeah, you're right, I haven't explained myself well...

    Look, if you go to, you will fine some units for midletpascal... there is one, on MIDP2, called "Gaming API Support 1.1", that allowed you to use sprites... I need to know how to use it with my own sprites...



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