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Thread: Scroller in development

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    Scroller in development

    Hello and good day time PGD!
    There are little game, I want to show you (812kb)
    and some screenshoots at
    It coded in Delphi 5 + WinApi + pure OpenGL

    Please test it and write your opinions about gameplay, problems, your ideas etc.

    ps more info (controls, rules etc) in help.html
    pps and, please, sorry for my awful English =)))

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    Scroller in development

    Looks interesting! I'll have a look when I get home from work.

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    Scroller in development

    Really looks very interesting, nice Screens. downloading...


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    Scroller in development

    Some very nice screens. His site also has quite a few other games/demos.

    I will try and post a news item about your project in the next few days,
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    Scroller in development

    Impressive how it?_Ts using quite simple models and textures and manages to look great. Some kind of death animation for at least the main flameball thingie would be nice.

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    Scroller in development

    Just one word: WOW. Gameplay, graphics, idea, Soundtrack - everything is great.

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    Scroller in development

    Cool =) Im glad you like it!
    ps animated for idea =)

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    Scroller in development

    I finally had some time to test this game and I must say, it plays as well as it looks. Really nice!

    There were a few things I noticed that could be improved.

    Main thing: sound: If I'm not mistaken, some sounds were taken from the game Starcraft. Needless to say, but you are violating copyrights....
    Despite this, music overall is very nice!

    Second: you have quite a few spelling errors in your game. It's understandable, but kinda sloppy. I'm sure there are a few people around that may want to help you with that, though.

    Last: You want to keep your audience to keep on playing. Calling them loosers, isn't exactly going to help. They already know they lost, there's no need to rub it in. I'd opt for removing the word 'loosers!'. (perhaps replacing it with something else, to encourage him/her to try again).

    Otherwise, its great!


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