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Thread: 3D Engine List

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    3D Engine List

    The latest version of Asphyre, called Asphyre eXtreme, supports 3D mesh usage. It has some nice component wraps like camera, light, mesh etc.
    There is a limitation to non animated models, thats why I use mechanical objects for player and enemys.

    Hopefully one of the next releases supports animated meshes, but for now, I try to create something useful with the current features of Asphyre to "convince" more people, that Asphyre is a very great component library. Unfortunately I am not very good at 3D-modelling, so my objects are not the nicest ones. But I try to make an action game, where this is not the most important thing.

    Most people on the Apshyre forums still use Asphyre just for 2D games and applications. I wonder if they just don't know what they have in their hands...
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    3D Engine List

    You can check out the 3D Engines Database over at DevMaster.Net; it is pretty comprehensive and up-to-date.

    Here's the Delphi list (13 Engines):

    and the Pascal list (5 engines):

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    3D Engine List

    JEDI-SDL also contains the DeathTruckTion 3D engine which already compiles and works on both Windows and Linux so should work on MacOS X as well.
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