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Thread: Construction Machines

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    Construction Machines

    Hi, I made a trailer for my new/old game and I hope you hope you enjoy.
    The game will be released soon on Steam.


    Become a boss of a construction company. Demolish old houses, flatten the ground, fill foundations with concrete and build new buildings - this is what you do. Sit behind the wheel of different construction machines - from trucks and diggers to huge cranes. Win contracts and gather money to expand your company and buy or upgrade your machines.
    - advanced physics and interaction with environment
    - 8 different construction machine types
    - realistic handling
    - 20 contracts to fullfill
    - additional challenges and free play mode
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    awesome was it ment to be a game or training simulator (or both)?

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    Was always impressed by your work. Nice to see this coming out.
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    I hope we'll see more games with your wonderful Engine.
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    Great engine (based on GLScene right?) and fantastic work finishing such a large project, it's a goal many of us have yet to reach.

    Not keen on the game though I'm afraid although I'm sure you'll do well, such simulators have big followings which I don't fully understand.

    Although that said, I've been playing a hell of a lot of Farming Simulator lately
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    Awesome ! congrats for this achievment ! It is great to done all the work from ground and finisshed with such quality game. Plus Throne engine, triple-A game engine. That's cool.
    Have you detail about licence for throne engine ?

    Good luck on Steam, I'll watch it.

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    It looks great. It's not really a game concept that I'm particular interested in, but I wish you well with it.

    And congrats on getting it released on Steam. Would you care to share your experience about getting the game on Steam. Did you go through a Greenlight process?
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    The concept of the game is not mine - my publisher wanted this type of game.
    I'm just in the process of getting on Steam and I will share my experience with pleasure.

    I didn't have to go through a Greenlight process - this is only for indie developers, but if your game will be accepted by the community (screen-shots, description, videos and 100$ for Greenlight account) then you will get your AppID number. You must enter the number to "steam_appid.txt" and copy this file to your game folder. "steam_appid.txt" is necessary to initialize your Steam wrapper (steam_api.dll from SteamworksSDK; function SteamAPI_Init(): Boolean cdecl; external 'steam_api.dll'; procedure SteamAPI_Shutdown(); stdcall external 'steam_api.dll' name 'SteamAPI_Shutdown' ; ). After wrapping your game with steam_api.dll you must use SteamPipe to upload you game. This is a major part what I know for now. I will share my examples later.

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