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Thread: Introduce yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by code_glitch View Post
    Super thread revival ftw! Can't help ask, since you mention mandlebrots sets etc... Did you leave and work on that, look at the pretty colours and go into coma only to wake up now or was it more normal :D Sorry, I really cant help it...

    So back to android speak. Hmm. Quite popular these days isn't it :) I know its not the best place, but anyone have any good tuts for setting up a development environment by any chance?

    Funny to think you left before I signed up, and in that time I became a mod :o

    Hahahahahaha. :b

    To insult my injury even more, i believe my ex-girlfriend has my NDS. Can't find it anywhere. :(

    Android seems interesting, but when FPC gives the opportunity to ignore all of Java (or at least most of it),
    it would be even better. Don't have a clue about it yet, though ... and no Android-Device yet i could test anything on, anyway.

    Wanted to buy me this,
    but amazon says i need to pay via CreditCard first ... and i don't have one and will definitly not buy one, just for this.

    Congrats for becoming a mod, btw. :D
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    Ooh, shiny... I believe on certain spec computers theres an android x86 project; and I've heard from VM rumours although never tried it. The incentive for android would definitely be the speed of baremetal code rather than this Java emulation yadida (I mean, when did anyone code anything intensive in Java. Eg. COD) plus it'd be super nice to get a standardised set of libs that could work on linux, windows, mac and android as well as iOS. ZenGl perhaps?
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    code_glitch, this example worked last I tried it. It uses the Android 2.something feature NativeActivity where a program can be started without any Java code at all. Needs a correctly configured arm-fpc crosscompiler and Ant
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    Yeah it's shiny. ^^ It slices, it dices and isn't there a dosbox for ARM ? ^^

    "The incentive for android" ... what do you mean ?
    Typo ? "pascal" ?

    I know, for Android one has to use Java ... i didn't even know fpc was able to compile for Android before i looked at it again.

    Well, native code is a HUGE plus for fpc.
    Besides, this also means we can even code in assembler, and on ARM, that's awesome.
    Gotta love the instructionset ! :D

    Wonders me if they accept fpc-compiled programs for the Market ... but i guess not.

    Never heard of ZenGL before i started looking at the forum again. I'm normally using dglOpenGL ... i'll have a look into it.

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    Hey to you all..
    Name is Tyrone Rothwell.. I`m PHP programmer, but I got interesed in pascal and C++, so I end up here ..
    look like a great place to start ( and stay )..

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    New here!!!

    hi guys

    my name is Stefan.i am a 14-year-old guy from Serbia.

    glad to be a part of the forum!

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