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Thread: Are you interested in AI development?

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    Are you interested in AI development?

    I am most certainly intersted in learning and using AI concerning game programming.

    Mostly for now, basic AI for 2D games (like some enemies that follow paths, or perform simple actions like attacking you when you get within a certain distance and things).

    Not sure if that exactly comes under AI though.

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    Are you interested in AI development?

    I don't think I've recommended it yet in this thread, personally I feel that if you are really interested in AI for games you should get...

    'AI for Game Developers' by David M. Bourg & Glenn Seemann published by O'Reilly -- ISBN 10: 0-596-00555-5

    I bought a copy myself and I think it's an awesome book. Has everything from Finite State Machines, Path Finding methods [size=9px](incl. a GREAT chapter on just A* alone!)[/size] to Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic. It's amazing if you're starting out and really handy as a reference you can come back to later on too.

    Chesso: That's all indeed AI. There are 2 types of AI; 1) Weak/Soft AI, which is all the neat simulatory stuff you've seen in the games you play and then there is 2) Strong AI, which is the real freaky stuff that you seen in sci-fi movies and bleeding-edge robotics research and development only just these days. [size=9px](Mostly theoretical & trial and error stuff though as we've only begun cracking the surface of this.)[/size]
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    Are you interested in AI development?

    I tried an enemy AI once, purely through trial and error, aside from some annoying but small bugs with them colliding together lol, it worked pretty well (but still very basic).

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    Are you interested in AI development?

    My wife has three AIBO's, one of the earliest models, one in the middle, and one of the latest models. The intelligence is pretty amazing, when it gets it right.

    AI is interesting but beyond me. When the robots can make me a coffee and wash the car let me know.
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