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Thread: GamePascal - Cross-platform Game Development in Object Pascal

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    Oh cool. Good to know. Thanks.

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    Sorry, for being a bit off-topic but I recognized that those headers do not compile on Windows. So I tried these again: and they work fine!
    Best regards,

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    Here are some things already working for next build:

    Version 0.0.2:
    * More examples
    * Support for language translation (see readme inside language folder).
    * -ai commandline option to add an icon file to output executable.
    * -vi commandline option to add version information to output executable.
    * Improved error handling.
    * SDL2 + addons are in a single gpsdl2.dll (windows platform) now to minimize dll dependencies.
    * OpenGL integration.
    * Added GamePascal.SysUtils unit
    * Fixed a memory leak when using nested unit names (full version of FastMM is your friend).
    * Now using nested unit name format: GamePascal.SDL2, GamePascal.OpenGL, GamePascal.SysUtils.
    * Reorganized folder structures/renamed files based on/support for different platforms.
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    I’m working on a IDE for GamePascal. The first version will be very light-weight with all the necessary features to allow you to productive. Some features will include:

    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Multiple Open Source Files
    • Program, Unit and Include source file types.
    • Program and Unit names will automatically match the saved base filename
    • Standard editing features (cut, copy, past, undo redo, etc)
    • Code completion and param hints
    • Code folding
    • Jump to compiler error location
    • Source level debugging
    • Declare project options in source
    • Much more to come over time
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    Tonight I started working on getting code completion implemented. At this point I got basic param hints in and working. It's pretty fast too. Next I have to add a bit more support for deeper source tracing. It's using the compiler to dynamically provide the info for code completion so I need to make sure it's able to find any other units/include files referenced in the current sources.

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    Code Completion now is pretty much done. There are a few more tweaks and enhancements that can be made. But, overall I am pretty happy with the results.

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    Nice work!

    May i ask few things? If you dont want to answer, its ok. Maybe its a company secret or something.

    1) What language (IDE) you used to write GamePascal IDE ? FreePascal ?
    2) Did you use SynEdit for syntax highlighting?
    3) How you implemented the tooltips (completion lists and parameter hints)?

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    Thanks! Check your PM

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    Good work Jarrod! is there any reason you abandoned your previous IDE? I thought you'd already reached this stage?
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    Thanks. Yea it was kinda sorta working, haha. The code was a mess and I was really getting my feet wet with it. Also I was not thinking about cross-platform either. This new code base is being made with cross-platform in mind and is much more elegant. All the things I learned from that experiment I was able to bring forward and get a jump start. I am working toward a good and solid foundation that I can iterate on and keep adding needed features.

    I think one of the worse things you run into when working on a project is coming to the realization that it was not thought out well enough and trying to add anything new or change the structure becomes a pain. This time around I was gonna use all the "cool" design patterns and whatnot. Buuuut... you know how that can go... you end up planning and planning and not getting any code written. So I thought, what do I what here? For now, just a simple IDE that is functional, light-weight and I can add the features I need without too much fuss. I considered the things that caused me to get stuck the last time and threw all of that out. I brought forward code and concepts that worked and so far so good.

    The most important thing is that I am having "fun" and staying motivated. Phew... I tell ya, it can be tough staying motivated. I tend to have two projects going. A main one and a experimental one. When I get stuck or need a break, I will work on my 2nd project for while to allow my mind to work on the solution. Amazing how well this works (at least for me). Also its great to have someone to bounce ideas off of too. Any way, sorry rambling. Haha.

    1) Wow, talk about inspiration. I like reading things like this, especially when I get depressed and have no motivation.
    2) Another good one here too.
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